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«1000 Дорог»

Ведущий туроператор по Венгрии

Farkasvadászat Mongóliában

Farkasvadászat Mongóliában

Az árak nem tartalmazzák:

- Budapest – Ulan-Bator - Budapest repülőjegyet (kb. 100 000 Ft-tól + illeték)

- a vízumot (25 000 Ft)


Grey Wolf

1x1 7 day schedule $5500 (any size)

2x1 $5000 (any size)

Observer $300/day

Season: July 01- Sept 30


Combination specials

Combined hunting of White Tailed Gazelle and Grey Wolf

1x1 9 day schedule $6200(any size)

2x1 $5200(any size)

Observer $300/day

Season: Sept 01 - Oct 20

Extra days

In the hunting area $250 a day

In Ulaanbaatar $200 a day


1. Group hunters (2- 6 persons) will be provided with one local guides each, one interpreter, one vehicle per every 2 (two) hunters or individual horses.

2. Hotel accommodation based on double occupancy in the city and a ger per every 4 persons at the camp. T ents & sleeping bags are provided if hunts need flyer camping.

3. Wounding an animal requires imperative finding the game. Otherwise the hunt is considered to be completed and should be paid in full.

4. Accidental shooting of female or baby animals of the indicated species in the pricelist requires penalty charge in the amount of the trophy fee of the same game.

5. Local out fitters are responsible for bringing game in shooting range within 350m distance and shall not be responsible for hunters’ accuracy for firearm shooting.

6. Included in the rate: All land transportation and domestic flight tickets, hunting camp accommodation, meals in countryside, guide, interpreter, rifle permition, hunting license, state veterinary certificate, trophy fee, and field ca re of the trophies.

7. Not included in the rate: Rifle & ammunition, hotel accommodation, meals while in the city, visa fee, extra trophies and fee, domestic flight excess luggage, over 44 pound (included hand luggage) domestic flight change, trophy shipment with international freight forwarders & foreign customs clearance charges, internal export documentation (for Argali and Grey wolf hunt only), insurance and gratuities.

8. Trophy shall be sent afterwards to closest international airport customs to hunters’ address within 4 months.

9. Payment: $2000 non - refundable per game deposit should be paid upon reservations and the balance should be paid 60 days before the hunt starts.

10. Cancellations: No refund will be made for cancellations. Nam e changes are permitted and cancellation fees will not be charged if a substitute is provided for the canceled person.

11. All hunts are strictly fair chase and the species are wild animals roaming on the huge territory. The Mongolian outfitters hereinafter referred to as Company, will make every effort to ensure a successful hunt. Limited responsibility: The Company acts only as a limited representative for clients or their agents in engaging the services of companies or other persons to provide transportation, lodging, tours, guides, and other travel services. The Company and its employees are not principals, partners, agents, or operators of any airline, carrier, hotel, tour company, guide service, outfitter, or any other provider of travel services, and no provider should be considered to be an agent, employee, principal, or partner of the Company. Neither the Company nor its employees, officers, directors, agents, or affiliates will be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, death, or damage to any person or property (i) arising out of arrangements made on behalf of any person by the Company or (ii) caused by or arising out of travel or other activities undertaken as a result of such arrangements. Each person who participates in travel or other activities arranged by the Company or its employees or agents does so at his or her own risk and assumes com plete responsibility for the inherent risks and dangers associated with the travel and other activities. Risks and dangers may be present at any time during a person’s participation in the travel or other activities arranged by the Company and include, wit hout limitation: (a) adverse weather conditions and other hazards of nature; (b) strenuous physical activity; (c) accidents, whether related to travel, hunting, or other activities; (d) disease or other physical ailments; (e) contact with dangerous animals and insects; and (f) political or civil unrest.

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