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«1000 Дорог»

Ведущий туроператор по Венгрии

Kamcsatka klasszikusai

Ez a túra kínálja a legátfogóbb és legintenzívebb felfedező útvonalat, amely elviszi Önt a vulkánokhoz és feltárja Kamcsatka tájainak ezerarcúságát. Átélheti a természet valódi nagyságát a Tobachiknál és az északi csúcson megcsodálhatja az Ön elé táruló vulkanikus színek lenyűgöző pompáját.

Megcsodálhatja a Mutnovszki hatalmas füstölgő kürtőit, Goreli azúrkék tavát és ellazulhat Malki melegvízű forrásaiban... gyönyörködhet a kamcsatkai vadvilágban a Bisztraja-folyó vízén raftingolva és részese lehet egy Csendes-óceáni kirándulásnak is, továbbá bepillantást nyerhet a helyi kultúrába Esszóban. Ha kívánja, még egy helikopter kiránduláson is részt vehet, mely során ellátogatunk a világhírű Gejzírek Völgyébe.

Időtartam: 14 nap / 13 éjszaka
Szezon: Júliustól szeptember közepéig
Összeállított csoportok: nemzetközi indulás maximum 20 főig, garantált 2 fő minden megadott dátumban, idegenvezetés angol nyelven

Program angol nyelven:

Day 1

Arrival at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski with a Russian-speaking driver (20km). Check-in at the hotel ***. Time to rest in order to accommodate the jet lag or strolls in the city on your own. We recommend you visit for any consultation the office of the receiving party located next to the reception of the hotel Geyser.

20.00 - meeting at the hotel with the group guide, dinner and discussion of the itinerary. Night in the hotel (DBL-basis).

Day 2

It is a day of a boat trip around AvachinskayaBay and to the Pacific Ocean (5-6 hrs, sea and wind permitting). Check-out, transfer to the quay (40 min). Go aboard a boat together with other travelers and make a way in AvachinskayaBay past the Devil's Finger and Three Brothers, see the diverse types of birds floating on the waves right next to the boat. Go out to the Pacific Ocean up to the StarichkovIsland (appr 1.5 hrs one-way) and stop there for a couple of hours. Have a short trip closer to the shore in a small inflatable motor-boat (in turn one after another by groups of 5-7 persons) to see the largest nesting place of Kamchatkan sea waterfowl (without landing) - different types of seagulls, puffins, guillemots. Have lunch with the traditional fish soup aboard. During the boat trip, there are also chances to spot dolphins, seals or killer whales.

After the boat trip get onto the off-road bus for transfer towards Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes (100km, appr 2.5 hrs). Set up the tent camp.

Field meals, night in tents.

Day 3

Approach the Mutnovsky volcano by the off-road bus (1.5-2.5 hrs). Mutnovsky is famous for its bright and diverse displays of volcanic activity: marvel at the steam pole of its grand fumaroles, walk across the field of smaller fumaroles, see the boiling water in the rivulets and mud cauldrons. The steep walls surround the inner crater with a collar of blue sparkling glaciers. The active crater is fuming with gases.

Trek up into the impressive crater of the Mutnovsky volcano (2 323m): normally you will be taken by car as high as possible so that you will have to walk only for 1-2 hrs one-way, but the length of the trek will be defined by the presence of the snow and passability of the dirt track by car (the trek can be longer and more difficult in July).

On the way back on a clear day it is possible to stop at the scenic 90m-high Opasny (Dangerous) waterfall. The whole trip can take 5-10 hrs depending on the weather and your pace.

Field meals, night in tents.

Day 4

Transfer to the Gorely volcano (45 min). On a clear day, walk up on the lava bed, slack fields to the crater of Gorely (1 829 m). The views from the slopes of Gorely are astonishing - Mutnovsky and Vilyuchinsky volcanoes are nearby. Once on the top, walk along the edge of the crater of Gorely to see the 2 lakes of the incredible azure coulour. The whole trip can take 5-6 hours.

In case of the fog, clouds or wind blowing the fumaroles fumes on the trail, the hike to Gorely crater will be substituted by the exploration of the caves next to Gorely and/or visit to the Vilyuchinskie hot springs.

In the afternoon, pack the camp. Transfer to Paratunka (appr 2.5 hrs), a Soviet-style resort area 30 km away from Petropavlovsk. Accommodation in the tour lodge (DBL), well-deserved rest and bathing in swimming-pool of hot thermal water.

Day 5

Free day for the optional helicopter trip to the Valley of Geysers (for extra charge on the spot in RUB cash only, in case of the favourable weather and sufficient number of persons per helicopter).

Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers (5-6 hrs in total, special helicopter group guide) includes: flight around Karymsky (1486m) and Maly Semyachik (1560m) volcanoes, guided walk in the Valley. This valley cannot be compared with any other unique objects in the world - there are more than 20 big geysers - Velican (Giant), Zhemchuzhny (Pearly), Sakharny (Sugary), Troinoi (Triple), Konus (Cone), Fontan (Fountain), Maly (Small), Bolshoy (Big), Shchel (Split). There are small geysers that gush forth every 10-12 minutes, while other bigger ones may erupt once in 4-5 hours. The wreathes of steam, fountains of boiling water, incredible colours of slopes, hot water streaming along them and profuse greenery of the grass and trees create an enchanting spectacle. Lunchbox incl.

Those who choose not to go to the Valley of Geysers may take an optional half-day trip (to be booked on the eve of the day and paid in RUB cash only on the spot): by car along the Avacha Bay shores to the Pacific Ocean or a guided city tour and/or a visit to the Local Lore museum displaying an interesting ethnography exhibition (museum's days off Mon, Tue; booking a day in advance required).

In late afternoon, transfer to Malki hot springs (120 km, 2.5-3 hrs). Set your tent and enjoy bathing in the natural hot puddles of different temperature along the river. Field dinner and night in tents.

Day 6

Today we set out further northwards, towards the Klyuchevskaya volcano group (460 km, 10-12 hrs by 6WD bus). Stop for a lunch in the local café in Milkovo settlement. Continue along the road to the Kamchatka river, where from you can see all the 3 main volcano of the Klyuchevskaya group (on a clear day) - Klyuchevskaya, Kamen, and Ploski & Ostry Tolbachiks. Cross the river by the local ferry and continue now a real off-road journey to the foothill of one of the most beautiful and majestic volcano ranges - volcano Ploski Tolbachik and Ostry Tolbachik.

In the evening, find yourself in a place of the lunar landscape, which gives an idea of the real scale of the volcanic activity. Here the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption took place in 1975-76 and left impressive after-effects: immense ash fields, amazing multi-coloured volcanic cones with hot summits, hardened lava streams, and ash-burned forest.

Late field dinner and night in tents at Lunokhodchik camp ("Moonwalker" camp is called like this since the first Soviet lunar vehicles were tested here).

Day 7

Today we ascend the Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3085 m). The car will take us higher, to the shoulder of the volcano, and we will trek up to the crater. On a clear day, from the immense crater of Ploski Tolbachik (1.8 km diameter) there is a great panoramic view of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group (volcanoes of 3900 m - 4750 m).

The whole trekking trip lasts appr 8 hrs depending on the weather and the group fitness level.

Return to the base camp and overnight in tents.

Day 8

This day will be taken by a trip to the new Northern cones of Tolbachik (100-300m high) that are like miniature fuming volcanoes growing along the line.

Travel by the off-road vehicle to the cones (18 km, appr 30 min one-way). Hike up to the crater of the cone to have a magnificent view of the grey ash landscape, other multi-coloured cones, old black lava that made its way down from the cone top, and pumice boasting incredible shades. It might be possible to hike up another cone (the higher cone just next to the first one) that is of the red pumice with bright yellow sulphur strips.

Take a short ride by car to the vast area of the Dead Forest killed by the ash in 1975. Walk around the dry grayish tree trunks with dead wigs twisted by the heat. Walk further to see the forest only starting to regenerate - more than 30 years after the ash fall.

Make your way (by car or foot) further, to the caves and tunnels made by lava flowing underground during the Fissure Eruption of Tolbachik. If you wish, you can explore the inside of one the caves.

Return to the base camp and overnight in tents.

Day 9

Transfer to Esso (150 km, 5-7 hrs depending on the ferryboat across the Kamchatka river). Not far away from Esso settlement, stop on the way at the open-air wooden architecture and ethnography museum Menedek. Undergo the usual purification rite for the guests and follow the local Even guide to find out more about the household traditions of the Evens and the efforts of the Even people to preserve their culture.

Check-in at the comfortable hotel in Esso. Walk around on your own to explore this big for Kamchakta settlement. Relax in the hot pool of thermal water in the hotel.

Optional (payment in RUB cash on the spot, per group of 4-7 pax): experience an excellent Russian banya (traditional steam sauna), the best means to get rid of any fatigue, cold, and for relaxation.

Field meals and night in the hotel (in the rooms for 2-4 persons).

Day 10

After breakfast in the restaurant, enjoy a quiet day in Esso to get acquainted with the past and present life of the locals. In the morning, visit the Ethnography museum to listen about the history of the area, see the exhibition on the household appliances and lifestyle of the main local ethnic groups - the Koryaks and Itelmen (hunters and fishermen) and Evens (reindeer herders), and buy some wooden or bone souvenirs. Visit the handicrafts studio where a master of bone-carving or a passionate hunter will tell you interesting stories from their lives.

Spend the afternoon on your own. You can walk up the hill Pionerskaya located next to the hotel to have a great panoramic view over the settlement and pick the forest berries (blueberry, bilberry) so abundant on the very top of the hill.

Optional (payment in RUB cash on the spot, to be arranged at dinner on Day 9 or at breakfast with the help of the guide): a few hours of horse-trekking in the picturesque surroundings.

If the whole group wishes (for an extra fee to be paid in RUB cash on the spot), in the evening a bright ethnic performance can be arranged to see the dance styles of the Evens, Koryaks, and Itelmens.

Field meals and night in the hotel (in the rooms for 2-4 persons). Enjoy swimming in the hot pool of thermal water.

Day 11

After breakfast in the restaurant, check out and return by 6WD bus towards Malki settlement (400 km, 7 hrs), with a stop for lunch in Milkovo cafe. When in Malki, assist the activity guides to inflate the rafts, repack your luggage, load the backpacks in the rafts, and get outfitted in the safety jackets.

Start the rafting part of the journey that takes place among the mountain ranges, where the nature is pristine. The river is rather quiet and have insignificant rapids, which are safe for total beginners but make the trip more interesting.

Set the tent camp on the shore of the river. Dinner cooked over the fire, night in tents.

Day 12

Continue rafting along the Bystraya river (2 rapids). During stops on the river shores you can fish (every raft will have 1 fishing rod), pick some mushrooms and berries, and watch seagulls, wild ducks, and some other animals. The chances are quite high to spot a brown bear ashore or a Steller's eagle.

Field meals, night in tents.

Day 13

Continue rafting along the Bystraya river - another small rapid is ahead. Field meals.

Transfer back to Paratunka (180km, 2.5-3 hrs). Accommodation in the tour lodge (DBL). Well-deserved rest, bathing in the small pools of hot thermal water.

Day 14

After breakfast, check-out. Transfer to the airport. It is possible to stop on the way in Yelizovo to visit the local fish market and buy the delicious Kamchatkan smoked or salted fish (different species of the red and white fish).

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Az ár tartalmazza: Oroszul beszélő programvezető és angolul beszélő kísérő személyzet; elhelyezés kétágyas szobákban útvonalanként; teljes ellátás (kivéve az első napi ebédet: korai érkezés esetén, és a második napi ebédet ha nem veszik igénybe a helikopter kirándulást a Gejzírek-völgyébe), konyha szolgálat a túra aktív időtartamára; alap felszerelés (sátrak, csónak, mentőmellények, stb.); transzfer útvonalanként (terepjáró busz); látogatások és kultúrális/aktív programok az útiterv szerint.

Az utazás ára nem tartalmazza: Repülési költség Kamcsatkából/ba; hálózsák és sátor alátét(200 RUB/appr 6 EUR/fő/nap); ebéd az első napon reggeli érkezés esetén és a helicopter túra napján a Gejzírek-völgyébe azok számára akik a városban pihennek; a választható túrák, mint a helikopter túra a Gejzírek Völgyébe; Alkoholtartalmú italokat és az ellátáson kívüli ételeket.

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